Do average people have impact course history

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Do you think the daily actions of average people have significant impact on the

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This is clearly a significant impact, however it’s less of an impact than many people expect doctors to have. There are three main reasons for this.

Researchers largely agree that medicine has only increased average life expectancy by a few years. The actions of average people have a huge influence on the course of history. Although a single individual can not summon much power, a large group of people can make a difference.

The power of a group of pedestrian individuals, if used effectively, can change the course of history. Do Individuals change history? How much can one idividual change history? Would there have been a Reformation without Martin Luther?

Would the United States of. Jun 16,  · Can the daily actions of average people have a significant impact on the course of history?

Support your position with reasoning and examples taken from your readings, studies, experience, or Resolved. Can the daily actions of average people have a significant impact on the course of history?

Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 1 Answer. Gustavo Pedroso, History fan and student. Would you rather have a significant impact on a few people or a small impact on many people? Why? Ask New Question. Can the daily actions of average people have a significant impact on the course of history?

Update Cancel. ad by A Cloud Guru. Join the 2, students who got AWS certified last month. How can common people change the course of the history?

Do average people have impact course history
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Do you think the daily actions of average people have significant impact on the